Back in the Day

We’re Pretty Legendairy (for Cheesy Puns)

Launched as a pie in the sky idea in 1978, Flying Pie is now a much beloved homegrown institution, with hot spots in Boise, Meridian and Nampa. Our pizzas may go in a box, but we think outside of it (and inside of it too, of course, because that’s where the delicious lives). This out-of-the-box mindset has made us whirled famous.


Here’s just some of the magic we’ve dreamed up over the years:

1985: First place to (legally) deliver beer & wine.

1987: Pizza-making know-how served up in Treasure Valley community education classes.

1991: Our dough makes it into supermarkets in 6 states.

1992: Via a car, helicopter, plane, then puddle jumper, we delivered pizza to Alaska just to make someone’s day.

1993: We started Gourmet Night to get experimentally delicious.

1994: A limo, marching band, and Pizza for Life prize surprised the lucky person to order our millionth home delivery.

1994: Fire in the mouth! We serve the double habanero pizza for the first time.

1995: We put the exclamation mark on the Boise Library! (Because learning is exciting!)

2002: It’s Your Day premiered—welcoming customers into our kitchen to make their own pizza (for free).

2004: Flora, the giant foil ball, was born.

2007: We lovingly crafted a 3-tier wedding pizza.

2008: We celebrated our 30th b-day with a two-day celebration and many of our 2,500+ employees/alumni.

2009: The Travel Channel’s Man v. Food stopped in to try out our habanero pie. No sweat.

2010: USA Today named Flying Pie the best pizza in Idaho.

2013: We opened our Meridian location (lucky number 3).

2016: We brought Flying Pie back to the East end of town on Broadway Avenue.

2018: We opened our Nampa location complete with a 28-tap self-serve beer wall.

2018: We celebrate 40 years of creating unreasonably amazing pizza (and unreasonably awesome memories).

2020: We opened our Overland hot spot.